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Pat Bennett
Mar 22, 2021
Happy Heavenly Birthday, Amy! 30 years ago Amy welcomed us with a smile and she continues to spread joy and light into all of our lives, especially mine. Memories I have of Amy are so positive and usually filled with laughter, singing and her goofy faces and voices. She could always light up a room simply by entering it. Amy had a glow about her that warmed peoples hearts. She made us feel loved and welcome and she put others above herself. Of course there were times that more serious, but she made even the hardest days sunny. Shortly after Amy's passing, one of her dear friends sent a photo of Amy to me; she was in the Grand Tetons on a day trip wearing sunflower shorts and holding a sunflower she had picked. I found this so "Amy". She was absolutely peaceful and happy; it made such an impression on me. From then on we made sunflowers her signature flower along with her pink crystal hearts! We have fresh sunflowers in the house most days. In the photo below is our attempt to grow a sunflower....we are still working on this. Amy is sunshine in my life and always will be. Happy 30th Birthday, Amy!
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Pat Bennett

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