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"Things won’t always turn out as you hoped or planned; but if you seize opportunities, act diligently and fairly, and show goodwill towards others, you’ll enjoy a full, rich life, unburdened by regrets." -Amy Bennett

Beyond her dramatic achievements and tragic passing, Amy lived a life governed by a simple principle: Love. There is no set of pictures or words that could possibly capture how much Amy influenced us all, brought light and sunshine into our lives, and challenged us to be our higher selves; but in the quotations below, you can see just a tiny preview.

 Here are some of the most beautiful quotations she shared with us:

"We all are unique in the love we can give & we all provide it differently. No one can love the world the way you do. No one can love your heart the way you do. Its as if the color you offer to yourself and others is a color within the spectrum of al colors that no other heart contains. Like a frequency of notes in a melody that only your heart can manufacture. Most things that are worthwhile require effort. Put forth as much effort as you can to love yourself & others." - Amy Bennett

"Keep reminding yourself this...Everything is exactly how it should be. Its all about the discoveries, growth, decisions, hardships and successes along the way that make our lives even more fulfilling and beautiful in the end. Love yourself first and do what brings you joy. You only get to live once so LIVE IT!" - Amy Bennett

"If your dreams and goals don’t scare you; they aren’t big enough. Use your gifts and the strength that God gave you to bring love and joy to this world. It might sound cliché but in these rough times we must simply follow our hearts and remember Who We Are." - Amy Bennett

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