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Jenna Moll Reyes
Mar 25, 2021
Today is your 30th birthday. I can’t help but to imagine your positive take on what you’d do to celebrate in the middle of a pandemic. I imagine you’d spend it with family and a nice meal, maybe a few FaceTimes with close friends. And that would make You so happy. You always found the joy in the simplest things. You were always able to flip a negative situation into a positive one. These are things I remember when I think of you. So let’s pretend we are having a birthday dinner. Much like the one we made after a long shift at Johnny Carino’s before it shut down and laid everyone off. You’d probably make it super spicy and I would need a bottle of wine to myself to wash it down, or at least that’d be my excuse. We’d laugh, talk, sing, dance — most hangouts with you always had music. Specifically, anything song you could belt. We’d love up on our cats (Artemis, the cat you convinced me to keep, is such a big boy now. You were right when you said he was the best one. I wish you could meet him today). We would start to talk about life and spirituality (I think this was the side of you I rarely got to see but really appreciated it when you shared it with me). Then we would end the night with a nice walk where you’d find something random and try to turn it into art even if it were just scrap metal or a twisted branch. Id have to call it, and tell you how we need to do more dinners like this and you would agree. I’d give you the biggest hug and leave. Happy birthday, my sweet friend. You are so missed.
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Jenna Moll Reyes

Jenna Moll Reyes

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