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2023 Arizona State Thespian Amy Bennett Memorial Music Theatre Scholarship

Meet Malena Wilson, our newest recipient of the ABF Memorial Musical Theater Scholarship! Malena was selected by the AZ State Thespian selection committee this past weekend at the AZ State Thespian Festival in Phoenix AZ. We are so excited for her and welcome her to the ABF Family! It was so fun to present her award and spend some time with her. We are looking forward to seeing her perform in the near future! Congratulations Malena! Please enjoy a few words from Malena Wilson:

"I am beyond honored for being chosen to receive this scholarship. I love to perform. I love connecting with an audience as I am performing, being able to bring them on my musical journey. I have been singing since I was 5 years old. My first song was a duet with my mom and I haven’t stopped singing and acting since. I have sang for crowds of 10,000 ,worked with the Broadway Method Academy, used my comedic talents as Ethel P Savage in “ The Curious Savage “and been a soloist for Tony nominated Joe Iconis in the stage reading of his new play “Family Album”. I will be attending Arizona State University in the Fall of 2024 and I look forward to all the opportunities and theatrical journeys that are waiting for me. So much to learn and so many performances to share!"

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