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2022 International Thespian Amy Bennett Musical Theatre Scholarship

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Congratulations Corgan! We are so excited for you and your bright future that lies ahead. We are happy to support you and will continue to do so! WE are excited to see you perform, Corgan, and welcome to the ABF Family!

A few words from Corgan: "I attended my first musical theatre show at 5 years old and from that point on all I wanted to do is perform. I am originally from Illinois and moved to Arizona 11 years ago. I love hanging out with my parents and my little sister, Rylee, who has actually been able to join me on stage for a couple productions. I have learned so much throughout my years on stage and look forward to learning even more. I am grateful to the Amy Bennett Foundation for helping me reach my goals! I am so deeply honored to be chosen for this scholarship! I will definitely strive every day to honor Amy and our shared love for the arts. I can’t put into words how touched I was to be chosen. "

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