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2021 International Thespian Amy Bennett Musical Theatre Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce this year's recipient of the Amy Bennett Memorial Scholarship, Grace Sorenson.

Grace is an inspiration to all of us as she is not only talented but truly cares about making a difference for others. She is from Redmond Oregon and will be attending Helmerich School of Drama at the University of Oklahoma this Fall. Congratulations Grace and welcome to the ABF family.

Grace was selected for this scholarship by the Educational Theatre Association at the International Thespian Festival this Summer.

"Growing up my family was always low-income and still is so I’ve never been able to afford any formal training of any kind. This being a big challenge in such a competitive field. I’ve relied solely on the public school system in Choir, Band, and Theatre classes to get me where I am now. I’m a first generation college student relying on scholarships for tuition entering my freshman year at a Big 10 school, The University of Oklahoma." - Grace

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