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2020 Starlight Community Theatre Award

Meet Gwendolyn Cain, 2020-2021 recipient of the Amy Bennett Memorial Scholarship awarded through Starlight Community Theater. Gwendolyn, welcome to this ABF family of talented, hard working, loving scholarship recipients. We look forward to watching you perform virtually and/or in person. Congratulations!

"Performing is the finest art of expression. Whether singing, acting, or dancing, performing is allowing art to flow through the voice, body, mind, and soul. Music is a universal language and not only is it physically written on a page, but bringing music to life with an instrument, the voice, the body, invokes the emotions of the audience, connecting and communicating directly with their souls. Performing is the language of the soul; words are heard with the ears, dance is seen with the eyes. But a true performer knows how to communicate with the soul."

- Gwendolyn Cain

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