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2019 UNC Amy Bennett Memorial Scholarship in Musical Theatre

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Congratulations, Elise Todd, recipient of the Amy Bennett Memorial Scholarship in Musical Theatre, awarded through the University of Northern Colorado. Elise grew up in Brighton, CO, attended the Denver School for the Arts as a music major and is currently a Junior at UNCO. Welcome to the ABF family, Elise!

"It is with immense gratitude that I thank you for the offer of the Amy Bennett Memorial Scholarship in Musical Theatre. Thank you for helping through these tough times. I’d like to share with you the story of when I received the news of the scholarship. I was sitting in Skinner Music Library; it had been a stressful week. I checked my inbox and saw the email about the scholarship. I opened the information sheet about Amy and read her quote: “Anything is possible if you set out your intention and stay positive.” I couldn’t believe it! It sounded exactly like something I would say! It all hit me so hard that I started crying, in the middle of the Music Library. I was overcome with emotion because it seemed to be a very providential afternoon, thanks to you."

- Elise Todd

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